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I need help, please

15 мая 2018 Женский Круг
АВТОР: Julia Hacker

I can not connect with key #2. I have a lot on my plate with my daughter, she is 15 and fighting depression. What do you do when you are so distracted by an immediate family member in need. How can I think about pleasures, while creating a picture for this week 's task? You can respond in Russian


  1. Katrin Nikerova:
    08 June 18 21:44
    The best thing you can do for your daughter during this period is to stay calm, loving, caring and positive. I had kind of a depression when I was 15 and the worst thing was that my mom moved to the other family and I was left to fight this alone. Even if your daughter says smth that makes you feel upset remember that life is still going on and at this moment you're probably the only person who can show colours of happiness to this young lady. Sometimes we all need to be hugged like a little child. No matter what age this child is. You're still a mom, she's still your daughter. And also you are still a woman. A person. And it's very important to remember about yourself. Start being happy. And your girl will see that this amazing feelings do exist. My hugs, Julia! You're a Queen, remember this!
  2. Ирина :
    16 May 18 05:34
    мысли, которые навеяло ваше сообщение- У меня часто появляется депрессия, когда я жду великих дел, свершений, а их в моем пространстве нет. И тогда я думаю, что я - неправильная, и жизнь моя - неправильная. Это ещё есть. Сегодня я вспомнила слова- ... Мы можем делать маленькие дела с большой любовью...(мать Тереза) Берём что есть, делаем как можем.
    • Julia Hacker:
      26 May 18 03:23
      Thank you so much, Irina. You are so right. It is an ability to hold attention and remembering good, positive or simply beautiful things. What I am learning is that even if i do not respond"right "to everyday task of the day from the key, I am still going to such deep subconscious levels of my mind. Memories coming back. I realised that i blocked the whole periods of my life with good and bad in it. Just simple blank. Берём что есть, делаем как можем. this is so beautiful. Thank you again. Sorry for the late response, I am still navigating the site and learning how to use it, only today I found your response.